Well as i said recently i havent been showing much, but the back of the matter is ive been working pretty hard between pixel work, Programming ,and the few CSS' im able to get done. Due to this, and the wedding im sopose to take part in my work for school is starting to pile up, plus ive slightly been neglecting my girlfriend seeing as ive been overwhelmed alot lately. So im most likely going to take a Vacation from BYOND. Although ill still check in daily to see whats going on, i will by no means be Programming, Creating CSS(Sorry Trueseeker&Slic3y, you guys have to wait for me to do/remake yours too.), and Pixeling. So yeah, Thats about all i had to say, sorry if this is an inconvinence(I know its spelled wrong) to some of you, but i have to do it.

Thats all, be sure to check out the Teka Co Mafia Hosting Service! Thanks for reading.

It's alright, I understand. :)
Why was this hidden?

@Trueseeker, Sowwie... just a bit overworked and its making me on-edge, and thats not a very good thing for me.
Don't know, perhaps they thought it was to personal?

@LJ @Me: No problem, I've been overstressed a few times as well.
But isnt a BYOND Blog to write abotu whatever you want, and have opinions on it as long as its not spam or ripping/duplicates?

@Trueseeker: im glad you understand =3
You couldn't take this break after you paid me? I feel like I'm being dodged. >.>
Hulio-G wrote:
You couldn't take this break after you paid me? I feel like I'm being dodged. >.>

Your never on when i am? IVe been sending you offline messages daily...
I don't get offline messages(using Digsby). Every time I go on your status is busy. Anyway looks like we're back in communication.
Okay; Message me when your online regaurdless if im set on busy, cause unless im at school i should reply if its a situation like this.
I just did right now. Though, I don't see the need to. Your right here. We're in communication. You can easily just send the money right now. Most of my older clients I deal with via email anyway, rofl.
Id perfer to knwo you got the money and i didnt spell the e-mail wrong, so id perfer you to be online.
My paypal is If you spelled the email wrong the money simply wouldn't send. You see how I am taking so long to respond? (I think I almost even forgot about you >.>) Because I'm trying to keep track of 5-6 people. So make my life easier and just send.

You don't wait a month to pay someone for work they've done -_-, that's not good. I'm pretty sure you'd be upset if you worked at Market Basket and got your paycheck a month in delay. When I receive the payment, Ill quickly respond. Seeing as I check the account almost everyday.

Sorry, it appears transactions only work for "". Lowercase M. Cancel the old and resend, I never got the money.
Fucken idiot scam artist.

You get your work so now your happy.

And you want to go ban me on your new D-Cire account. Just because your too lazy to fucken click refund.

And for your information capitals used to work until they updated sometime this year.
I think you should pay up, you're going to ruin your name if you don't.
He doesn't use this key, he uses DCire. But yeah, consider my circumstances, this guy's lost the trust to even edit my CSS. *Your Fired!*
UPD4T3 wrote:
I think you should pay up, you're going to ruin your name if you don't.