I know that I have at least 14 fans, so I will act under the assumption that at least one cares about what I have coming up.

So as some of you may know, I'm a member of Spartan Gaming. (Actually, I founded it before this summer started with a friend) Since we are a game making community, we gotta come out with SOMETHING every now and again. So I'm just going to give a few updates on where things stand right now.

Law of the Board

Law of the Board is a PvP game similar to The Knight but it's... ya know... PvP. (The Knight is not PvP) It's a strategy game, and it should be about ready to roll out before Thanksgiving. It will be made publicly downloadable (I kinda don't like no-download games because you're too reliant on the server being up). It will probably be a small success (1 week) and then die. But I think that it has a classic feel that lasts!

Sea Battles
Don't make out with hot water ladies

It was a cold morning, I could see my breath. It's a hard job, privateering, but it has to be done. If I said that I ever regretted taking these jobs, I'd be lying. Some things have to be done for the good of the nation.


I turned around. My first mate comes out of the cabin, "Di' ya 'ear that captain? Those boy lover Athenians are up for round two and three quarters!" I unsheath my blade and face the bow. The crew comes out onto the deck. We face our enemies, we beat our chests, and we cry out into the ocean...


Sea Battles is a PvP on the high seas game. As with all of my games to date, it is a board game. Like Law of the board, it requires at least two people to play, but it is supposed to support multiplayer. I'm going to balance the game itself to handle 8 ships max but balance it around 4 ships. (This is not supposed to be a 1v1 game). You both input moves and after a timer you both move at the same time. It's all strategy and whatnot, most exciting.


NO. THIS IS NOT ANOTHER TOWER DEFENSE GAME! Well, it kinda is. But it's not like you place units and blow your bugle to the enemies, "COME AT ME BRO!" Noooooo. It's a RTS Team Strategy game. Castles is supposed to take about 10-15 minutes to play (it can last as little as 6-7 minutes). Right now it's still in the planning stages as far as game mechanics go, but essentially it works like this. You have miners, miners give you money, this money is used to buy upgrades, and you use these upgrades to destroy the enemy's castle. All this time, they're trying to do the same thing back, everyone crawling around the map. It's meant to force teams to work together, so that will be amusing to watch! I already have what should be the basic strategy planned out but I am actually excited to see what players come up with!

So that's all for this Upcoming Games! The ball is beginning to roll, so if you want to check out my website, feel free. It's where I store suggestions/bug reports for my games. (I wasn't always a BYOND member!)

Peace out!
Good Job, little Artemis.