Keywords: corsair
Basically, I need an artist that likes making high contrast sprites for a game, Corsair, that I will be working on for this weekend and next week due to the long time I have off of school.

It's best if you have MSN or Skype and if you had a portfolio to show me. As long as you're online and ready to work for a good amount of time everything should work out well.

If you want I compensate with money over PayPal. We can negotiate, but I don't want to overpay.

You will be making units and buildings. Units being about 32x32 each and buildings can range from 32x32 to 64x64 BUT each image is made of only 2x2 pixels, so cut those sizes in half to find the actual size.

I may also need an interface image-maker, but that's after the units and buildings get made.

If you're interested, leave a comment below or add me on Skype (gary.bethlehem) or MSN (

o.o I could try to assit, Its been awhile since i've done anything, but i used to make pokemon icons if that counts for anything.
@Ryu: That sounds fine, but know that this is a more professional than making an average BYOND Pokemon fangame.
I do expect good quality.
Do you have an example of what you're looking for? I could help, since my only income is mostly freelancing.
Sure, I'll draw up a quick sprite.
Oasiscircle wrote:
Sure, I'll draw up a quick sprite.

Alright, I added you regardless.

UPD4T3 at hotmail dot com