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As none of you may be aware, I'm now working towards my cooking apprenticeship at Joey. It's fun and interesting and it's something I'm passionate about. So far I've done my first practical project, where I presented a Blueberry Almond Parfait and Maple Glazed Sausage Breakfast Sandwich to the Regional Chef (whom I'm apprenticing under), Head Chef, and one of our Sous Chefs. It was the first half of my Breakfast project group, of which there are 2 hot and 2 cold (parfait is 1 cold, sandwich is 1 hot). I don't get my final grade until I'm done all four, but before I do any more breakfasts I'm going to work on some of the more basic stuff. Sauces!

Last week I made a Bechamel sauce for the first time, just to practice it. My Sous Chef tasted it and said it was better than the Bechamel our top apprentice in the store had made on his first try, and that it was exactly what he would expect from Bechamel sauce. I think that's a win. :)

I also made a Hollandaise sauce for the Head Chef last Thursday. We had Steak with Hollandaise, and it was amazing, although we agreed it would have gone better on our Salmon because of the strong presence of lemon I used.

Other than that, life in general is rather boring. I wake up, I eat, I work, I sleep, I repeat. On a (very sad) side note, I asked out a pretty girl on a date. She said no. :(

Comment with things going on in your life!

PS: Hazordhu II update is on track to be released late 2013!

And cool. Updates always nice :3
If you can nail a good bearnaise sauce, you will be my best (steak) friend ever.
Didn't read. Where's my damn ipad.
Techgamer wrote:
Didn't read. Where's my damn ipad.

Vegetas4 wrote:
Techgamer wrote:
Didn't read. Where's my damn ipad 2.

Cooking is for real men.
Wow, Folak, first you wanted to be a chef, then a game programmer, now a chef again??

At least you had the guts to ask out a hot girl.
Boxcar wrote:
At least you had the guts to ask out a hot girl.

Hi F0lak, you dont know me but today I was playing Hazordhu (I LOVE IT) I was changing the color of the cloths then I try to put it and I cant! So I exit the game and click on JOIN again but doesnt works is loading the IP then finsih. Can you helpme? I try whit BOOKMARKS, or logins as a Guest