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I've got Corsair working for pretty much any possible resolution. Of course, I still need to make a system that'll change around a few things if the resolution on the computer is smaller than the average computer. But other than that, pretty much any resolution around 1200x700 or above should work perfectly without any anti-aliasing on any imagery.
The actual complete interface will be done soon. (:

Actual Resolution Scaling Example (1366x768)

And yes, the game will be full-screen only. You can minimize the window and close the window from a menu or with a macro (Probably Ctrl-Q) so no need to fear getting bogged down by the window.

I will be working extensively on this game this week and coming weekend, so hopefully I can get something playable by the weekend! (:

looks good bro
Cuban thought this was made by an eight year old?
Those icons are in a pretty good color style.