This post is simply to let you know that I will continue to be late with the GiaD judging. I do not know how late I will be. I have been taking part in the local version of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. That means sleeping in a tent and being away from computers. I'm back home to catch up on some papers I have to write for school. I've got school + work + occupation.

The next time that I have free time I will get the GiaD judging out of the way - this is not me saying that I've given up on it. That being said, I don't want to hold up the process; if there is anyone who would like to volunteer to take on the task of judging, send an email to If I had the raw scores, mini-reviews, and screenshots, then I could put together the html document and award the money.

Now off to sleep, for the first time in several days without bloody bongos going constantly in the background. Two full hours of bongos last night. Playing drums after midnight at a demonstration is serious ass-hattery. It takes a special kind of narcissist to believe that all the people in their tents want to listen to the same beat (daDUM-pause-DUM, repeat) until 3am when they have to be awake at 7am.
Take your time, we can wait! (:
So much for 3 weeks max. Pitchforks gentlemen!
I wanna join the Occupy Wall Street, but I don't have transportation up there.
Fill the streets of Wall Street with drugs, ain't nobody wanna mess with these Wall $treet Thugs!
I'd rather wait for you to Judge, imho.
Better to wait and take your time judging then to rush threw it!
UPD4T3 wrote:
I wanna join the Occupy Wall Street, but I don't have transportation up there.

I would like to occupy Wall Street, too, but have too many responsibilities. That's why I'm taking part in Occupy Providence, instead. If you can't make it down to Wall Street, at least take one day to go check out the demonstrations in your state. Get there around noon and you can talk with people and get caught up on what's going on, and then catch the "General Assembly" which takes place every day. Even if you decide that it isn't for you, at least you will be more informed and won't be sitting on the side lines facing the wrong direction while life passes by.
It would cost me over a week of pay to even get to the nearest demonstration. Kind of defeats the purpose.
OWS is a fine movement to join, plenty reason to skewer the judging.