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Reading from top left to bottom right.

Infantry - Pikeman, Swashbuckler, Longbowman, Halberdier.
Cavalry - Husseir, Dragoon, Lancer, Knight.
Artillery - Tower Shield, Battering Ram, Culverin, Mortar.

Each unit has a special ability. Some units have the same ability as other units. Abilities can be passive (always in action) or have to be activated manually.
The planned abilities are: Charge, Cleave, Arrow, and Siege.

Charge - Unit speeds up and does more damage for a short amount of time. Cannot Halt or change directions.
Cleave - When this unit attacks, it attacks adjacent lanes as well.
Arrow - Attacks units up to three spaces away in any direction rather than using melee attack while active. Advancing or Retreating cancels Arrow.
Siege - Unit gains additional attack power, armor, and/or range. Unit cannot Advance or Retreat until Siege mode is toggled off. Siege takes time to transition in and out of.
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