Feed is currently live for public beta testing.

Please forgive the server issues. We are good now until 6:30pm EST.

We're expecting people to find some bugs since we haven't had closed beta tests of the new layouts yet. The new features since the previous closed beta include two new zombies, WASD and UDLR(Up Down Left Right) layouts(toggleable) and a variety of minor bug fixes.

Mind you that the WASD weapon layout is a bit screwy at times since we didn't make the projectiles go to the exact tile, but in the general direction so if this will be a huge issue to you, please use UDLR(which is the default). We will be recording, so please be mindful of that. Please join and find some bugs!

HUB Link
I'll be on soon, just got a new comp.
(Yut, NOW we can Dragon Nest)
Fixed WASD/UDLR movement and Click-throwing/shooting,