This is now closed, thanks to all that wanted to help!

Want to make some quick cash without having any skills?
Contact me on Skype (gary.bethlehem), MSN ( , or the pager and download image:

After you download the image, tell me that you're ready to do the job. First come, first serve and you must be completed by the end of today. MAKE SURE I REPLY BACK TO YOU, IF I DON'T REPLY BACK DO NOT START WORKING AS I MAY HAVE ALREADY CHOSEN SOMEONE ELSE.
I will reply back to everyone that tries to apply, though.

Because this is a quick job, I want it to be done exactly as I say with no deviation. I want this font face in a dmi file with icon-states as the appropriate character that it represents. The icon size should be 30x30. Each icon should be as close to the bottom left corner as possible. There is to be no pink color, replace pink with transparency.

And that's it, after you send me the completed dmi file and I approve it you will receive your reward of $5 and we'll both be on our way. (:


(I do know about Lummox's dmifonts+ program, this is a custom font that is not available as a font file, so I cannot use dmifonts+)
DMIFonts+ use the "system" font, or something similar.

edit: I'll take 5$ please
@Bravo1: Read my edit at the bottom.
Just use something that's very similar? =P
I'm not cutting corners. Plus this font is actually "blown up" by 2 to fit the style of Corsair.
This would take like 10 minutes, I'll do it...
@Megablaze: Nanoman2 has already taken the job. If he cannot complete it I'll switch to you.
If Megablaze and Nanoman2 can't do it, I'll gladly take it.
Lol, I wanted to see how fast I could do it, so you won't get a chance Kumorii, since I'm done. Though, there's a small issue, the capital W doesn't actually fit in 30x30, it's 2 pixels too wide. Also, you wanted everything at the bottom left, but it would make more sense to put the punctuation at the appropriate locations ('"*^ etc). So if Nanoman2 isn't done, you should decide on a solution for those things before he gets there.
Nanoman2 has already received the solutions for these things.
And he's almost done.
This request has been completed, thanks to everyone who wanted to help me out.
Good day to you all.