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Me discussing controls and whatnot. Leave comments or questions below.
Thanks for watching.

The way you showed the video was boring, but the content of it was cool. Keep up the good work!
@Joshuaray202: I don't mind criticism, but if you're going to criticize at least make it constructive.
Just telling me what you think of the video doesn't help me, you have to tell me what you think I should improve about the video otherwise I just continue to do the same thing because I don't know what makes the video "boring".
Plus I didn't plan what I was going to say in this video, I only wanted it to take 10 minutes to record, render, and upload just because it was meant to be just a quick progress show-off.
I love your monotone videos.

It looks awesometastic so far. Keep it up. Also, how will units spawn, as in.. lanes?
What if you made it so that you can place the lane shifters on the ground, like as a purchase (or is that what you meant?), or other bonuses, like placing a ground-power up that makes your units charge. Or even an ambush tile, like if you step on it, a unit appears in front of the unit that stepped on it.

Also, will there be other battle fields? Perhaps like different shapes (like a map this:

How are you going about spawning units? Do they come from the castle? If so, can you purchase and place more castles?

either way, looks cool!

@F0lak: Units will spawn from different buildings, and creating your buildings is the next part that I'll be working on so you will see soon enough. (:
Also, go monotone! (:

@Lige: You are limited by the amount of houses you have on the field. Each unit takes up a certain amount of "property" with artillery and more powerful units taking up more than less powerful infantry units. When those units die, however, it frees up more room for other units. And you can build additional houses.

@Ill Im: I'm unsure if I will make lane changing a possibility, but instead do more on the ability to change your layout of unit-producing buildings quickly in response to a sudden change in your opponent's line-up.