Ty Valoesdte for the recording.
That trailer and pirates have literally nothing to do with each other lol.

I like the game but the icons hurt my eyes.
cool story bro. tell it again
That line makes me smile. (even if it's a troll)

Eitherway, I love it when people make those game trailers, creative. The naked pirates fighting clothed ones was a bit weird though, I also thought the screen seemed a bit smooshed (a word?) or flattened. Eitherway, I enjoyed watching it.
I do appreciate the effort you put into this, it adds a sort of finesse to you game, kind of a semi-official seal.
You spelled my name wrong but I give you an A for effort lol.
Its too confusing! fixed!
Good job, keep up the good work!
I don't know about any of you all but i loved the trailer, i think the trailer isnt meant to tell the WHOLE story of the game, because im sure you make it your own story.

Or later this story comes into affect. You won't know anything, until you play. Get farther and find stuff.
Very good trailer! if i was still a member i would "yea" this.
The Trailer is very good :)
The "Rise of the Pirates" thing sort of threw me. I thought it was an Avatar game or something like that.
i like this trailer
this is amazing