Hello everyone, just making a small post to say I got an apprenticeship in IT, my duties are managing the website, adding stock to the website, updating website design (if needed), and taking calls from customers. 12 month apprenticeship, and I get a level 3 NVQ at the end (A levels (People from the UK will understand)).
Nice and good luck to you, gotta be better than college. Physics, chemistry and biology A level what a bore.
Aye college isn't for me, I'd prefer to be in a workplace getting a job done while learning lol.

100 a week isn't bad for an apprenticeship either lol.
No it isn't lol more than I get lol, which is whatever my parents give me :D.
Zenos, huh ;)?
Jlxati wrote:
Zenos, huh ;)?

What'd you call me?!11!?/?

But seriously, zenos?
gratz <3
Also re-add me on BBM. I got a question ;@
Re-add you? huh? You should still be there unless you deleted me.
I formatted my BlackBerry. Also, I did not back-up after adding you. So I lost you ;o
Congratulations mate, I knew you'd get the Apprenticeship eventually :)

Glad things are going well, and hows your laptop now?
I managed to sort my laptop out, Both my battery and charger randomly stopped working, but then suddenly started again after a few days.
Old style BYOND.

Stay classy Plum Face. Stay classy.
El Wookie wrote:
Old style BYOND.

Stay classy Plum Face. Stay classy.