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You can now build buildings in Corsair. It's pretty awesome, actually. I just need to get a few special building cases programmed in for large buildings.

Next up is unit training, and that'll be a blast too I'm sure. ;)

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Do you have a somewhat idea of when the game is going to be coming out?
@Vendettaune: I'm sure I'll be ready for testing by Sunday or sometime next week. (:
There probably won't be an AI player until later, just because I have to analyze strategies that players use commonly. (:
Very nice, Gary. This looks very interesting.

Also, what HTML do you use to allow videos to play in your post?
So are you going to quit this one or can I look forward to it?

This is a serious not trolling question.
@Masterdarwin88: No HTML needed, BYOND posts are like this:
Say you want this youtube url to be embedded:
You see the v= thing? Take whatever the v is, in this case ZRdaxvvcSac and put it in front of a youtube: like so:
youtube: ZRdaxvvcSac

(Make sure to remove the space.)

@Lige: Thanks, and yes there will be AI players for offline play and play when there's no one online.
But AI players won't be made until the game has been tested and I can see what types of common strategies people use to make the AI somewhat intelligent.

@Enzuigiri: I've already invested a lot of time and money into this game, I really like the concept, and I've still got lots of time to continue working on this game in the coming few weeks. So I do think this one will be look-forward-to-able. ;)
Just wondering, is this game going to be dropped halfway through production like the rest?
@Superfetch: Nope, I answered this below with Enzuigiri's question.
Thanks for the motivation, though. ;P
Nice one.

Keep on goin' there Oasis.
@MasterMerv: Thanks, I will! :P