I am a friend, and an ally for those who deserve for me to be. I am an enemy and a dangerous threat for those who wrong me. I have been an admin on numerous games and servers on byond to the point that I have forgotten everywhere I been one since i have been an admin numerous times for so long. I try to be fair and just but what I cannot stand are those who purposely ruin a server. I will gladly surrender my title of admin to protect a server especially if i am accused of abusing my powers in a way that is unfair for others or in a way that hurts others. I have done this already to try and save a server I feel was wronged and that I am trying to protect. I am one who follows the ways of chivalry of old among other codes of honor for in a way I have committed seppuku for I gave up my admin and stepped down despite the displeasure of the rest of the server. I just hope that my sacrifice is not in vain but I will keep fighting until the end, regardless if I am an admin or a normally player for in the end it is the players, not the admins or the owners who hold the true power for it is the players who chose what servers they like and will play at. And as such I will do my duty to protect a server I love for the server has not wronged me and neither have the staff but a single player.

If you believe in my cause, fight with me.
If you believe I am wrong, I will not argue.
This is my way, this is my path, my story is my own as each of your stories belong to each of you individually.
yes you where a good admin but muteing a player for trolling abuse? like realy?