"You'd better hope and pray, That you make it safe, Back to your own world" - Shakespears Sister

Hello Again, Another quick update about BlockWorld. Considering it's hard trying to keep BlockHead from hitting his head on nearly every box, well anyways i've posted a little demo on BYOND of the game


There are 4 stages at the moment. i'm still going to update this game even if no one really plays it because it's quite cool i must admit. I've been testing some really cool features e.g(moving blocks in black & white and they don't move in color) so it's abit tricky.

i might add medals or even do a multiplayer version where two players are split on two sides of the puzzle or where one player plays and the other switches the world but because of lag issues it's quite hard

leave some feedback or even a comment and maybe i won't get Kumorii & Yut Put Anal Raping each other!. :O

Omg, that game is hard, but fun and strangely addictive. The movement is a bit weird but other than that cool.
well i was going to use BYOND pixel movement but jesus it's not worth it
Finished. Game is ridiculously simple lol.
well i didn't even say it was hard. i'm hoping to do around 50-60 levels, making it harder as you progress! leave time for creations to happen!
Maybe I'm not very good at that sort of game.
The game is good on paper, but your execution was so poor it was almost as if you intentionally made the game play horribly.