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Hello, Daily Blog post's that a good thing? oh well thought I'd keep you updated on BlockWorld the side-scrollering/challenging/puzzling game. i've added alot of features to BlockWorld, also added Halloween costume for BlockHead that I will release soon. Lives have been added

Also added pick up objects like moving one block into another place to get to where you need to go or even throw it but this isn't featured till a later version

I've managed to get 15 levels done uniquely with some challenging levels, going to be totally honest not even I could beat em. So I had to remake some levels.


This game is real neat. You just need to make movement more smooth. Everything has that BYOND-ish feel and there are several easy libraries you can use to make everything play much better.
Why is level 1, the hardest level!!!
huh? is that a joke?
Brettpenzer wrote:
huh? is that a joke?

No, seriously level 1 feels like the hardest level.