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Well recently ive gotten back into naruto and upon looking through my pile of sources i found a game ive not yet seen published on a HUB, Nor does it have one. I dont know where it came from, although i was hinted it was by "Solar Oblivion" Or atleast the basis was. So i added that to the hub im about to make, which really shouldnt be rejected seeing as the game has -No- Listed/Rejected/Fan Gamed Hub. Anyway, the point was i decided to continue this in hopes of completing the game. Ive already rewritten a few of its basic verbs and added a system i think you all might like! =3

Anyway, off the subject of naruto The School project in a week contest only has 9 days left! I cant wait to see what some people come up with!! So far everythings been amazing. =3

Thats all,
~ D-Cire
Naruto Eterntiy has a hub,

You can easily find the hub, google is your friend and I remember back in 09 I use to torture SO to finish this shit.

Anyway you shouldn't use it, Zetaiva bought the source off the owner for like 30 bucks like 3 weeks ago and he promised not to leak it. The next day, he leaked it and now everyone has it.
Regaurdless it has no fan game-based hub. Tharefore no one currently has owner rights, so once i get that approved as a fan game ill continue it, not much has even been done in the game.
I'm not sure if i'll finish my entry I've been really demotivated and I'm getting yu-gi-oh tag force 5 in a couple of days lol.
will the school projects be released as demos?
Also too bad what happened to Solar was looking forward to that game.
If I finish mine it'll be a full game.
Any School-Related game with a function, release it as whatever you please... This is basically a GIaD done over 2 weeks that relates to school.
Actually i have a hub for this game and added way before yours lol..