So the other day.. I decided to go check out the Pokemon games here on BYOND. The quality; not so great.

Saying that, I decided to attempt making a Pokemon demo to see if it's possible to make a quality Pokemon game here on BYOND. The results: very possible.

Pokemon Demo

Took me 5 days(would've taken less except I had a few major setbacks and I've been hooked on Rise of the Pirates) to throw THIS together.

I tried to make it as authentic as possible(although a few things are missing). What I think, is that too many Pokemon game developers here on BYOND are too focused on adding hundreds of playable Pokemon and 50 trainers. This is old. This concept was here since what, 5+ years ago? I think that in the time these developers are adding in all this content they could better the gameplay mechanics to provide a better experience. Just my opinion, and it doesn't just go for Pokemon, it goes for other games as well. Too many of us are focused on things like "I'm gonna add 30 clans and 300 Jutsu then my game will be number one!". This idea is flawed. It's 80% game mechanics that hooks a player. The other 20% content.

Naruto Shinobi Universe

I haven't touched up on this since I started working on the Pokemon demo, but from the few things I've learned from working on the demo, I'm going to use to work on game mechanics a lot more to bring a really solid experience. Not the I haven't been already, but I'll try harder to think outside the box.

The most recent updates I've made were mainly a lot of patches/bug fixes, balancing, and I decided to squeeze in Deidara's "Clay" clan. It's pretty damn sexy.

note: the tree shadows shown here have been changed.

Special thanks to UPD4T3 for revamping C3 shown in the picture above.

Also I plan on having alpha testings in a week or less from now. Depends how well things go. What I was wondering though: should I have the alpha like every other Naruto game where it's basically a small representation of what the full games gonna be like? Or should I go with players joining into a large destroyed battlefield where they fight until the opposing village's shinobi are all wiped out? The victors will earn a random amount of skill point based on the amount of shinobi they kill on the opposing side.

What do you guys think on both the Pokemon Demo and NSU alpha?
Looking forward to finally seeing a new Naruto game coming out.

Hope to see you in ROTP.
I hope I wont disappoint then! and sounds good broski!
Learn to be online.
oh shit, I forgot about MSN. I've been really busy, I'll get on now.
The Pokemon Demo - Meh, it is just like the GBC/GBA/DS games, and I didn't come on BYOND to play the same shit I play on consoles, I came here to play something different.

NSU - I've been following this game, since it started, even before you had a membership and all that. It looks a 1000x better then, how it did back then and I have faith in you, that it will be released!
ayee but authenticity's always great;)

and thanks man, I'll make sure to get it released, still have loads of work to do though.
The Pokemon demo...not even close. But to everything else...yeah.
How so?
I like the idea of the Pokemon game but Pokemon world online(i think it's called) already has that idea down lol.
UPD4T3 wrote:
Learn to be online.

GreatFisher wrote:
I like the idea of the Pokemon game but Pokemon world online(i think it's called) already has that idea down lol.

They use a crappy version of the GBA gameplay
This one looks like quality DS standard
I checked out Pokemon world online but the one thing that bored me where the static attacks, pokemon(in battle) and that the battle interfaces weren't very well done.

My demo is a lot more lacking compared to pokemon world online though. I just made a simple representation showing how quickly and effectively it could be done. If I took another week I could have most or possibly all the mechanics down making it 95% authentic. The good thing is once I'm done with all the mechanics it takes merely 5-10 minutes adding a new pokemon including all of it's animations. basically I could have a full game finished in a month or two of work on this.
ExPixel wrote:
The Pokemon demo...not even close. But to everything else...yeah.

EP has spoken
Looks awesome, looking forward to your re-vamp of this game and I will definitely be a player.

Best of luck.