by Brettpenzer
BlockHead in a BlockWorld!
A Side-scrolling, Challenging, Puzzling Game with switchable worlds to conquer challenges

BlockHead is a normal guy living in a BlockWorld. big Head, small body, tiny legs and arms <3. together you've got to conquer BlockWorld with lots of puzzles and challenges across the way

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Nice job!
The movement is a bit too fast for me.
Yeah, movement is a bit rough. It makes it pretty annoying to play. I suggest making use of Forum_account's sidescroller library to get more fluid movement. This game has a lot of potential but the jerky movement makes it pretty hard to tolerate.
i've now pushed in Forum_Account's Pixel Movement. thanks for the comments
When i got to level 4 the space button to jump suddenly stopped working o.O
Thanks, I know there's quite alot of problems with the Gravity and Jump Proc's not working, I'll try fix them or ask Forum_Account for a hand :D

You should add scoreboard and in hardcore like point system.

Scoreboard should show what levels you completed, how many times you played.

And for Hardcore Scoreboard: Scoring, How Many times you played Hardcore and what levels you completed. (Scoring would work like... If you make it in less time you get more points) ;P
Don't know if you attempted fixing the jumping and hoving slightly above the ground glitch but it just came up again. I'm hovering a bit, and can't jump at all
I'm still attempting to fix the Jump & hoving glitch. the system is Forum_Account's so I'm still trying to find out the problem might refer it to Forum_Account.
Ah alright. Well good luck, I'm looking forward to the fix!
Fun game, but a little too challenging. tone down the difficulty(maybe remove those annoying trap doors in the wrong spots, too)and you should have it.
thanks, well that's the aim of the game. i will try and get back on this project just i have a very small ammount of internet access.

A salute to you, Brett. You have create such an interesting and challenging game. I loved the idea of yours and enjoyed completing the levels. I wish you luck for your upcoming projects(if any).

Best regards
It's a cool mechanic, so it serves as a proof of concept that people enjoy it but the game lacks any real wow factor to be honest. I played the first couple of levels like "Okay, this is different, cool" and the rest just becomes "Oh, I just jump from this platform to the higher one exactly like before... Wow...". The addition of spikes doesn't really help because I've seen that mechanic done way too many times before and it's just plain boring. My time is too valuable to me to spend time jumping, dieing and restarting.

So yeah, sort of fun for 5 minutes but trails off badly.
Portals shall do fine!