Hello, No Lyrics Or Famous Quotes sorry didn't have time.

thought I'd make a community question about BlockWorld, many people have been commenting, PM'ing me saying the game isn't that hard. well as a community I wanna know how may I improve BlockWorld to be harder. I've also added that players will have to pick up keyblocks to open a gate to exit the level, but I don't think that is going to make it any harder.

I know BlockWorld's movement is abit weird but i've built around it for me to change it now would be too long. hopefully next time around (shhhhh. BlockWorld 2?) I'll try build a different style of pixel movement.

hoping someone can come up with some new block ideas or some really good ways to make players think

Add a time limit.
I don't understand why you couldn't add pixel movement to this game. There are games much larger than your project that have done it. What would you have to rewrite - an entire 2 lines of code?
lol EmpirezTeam it's not that easy trust me!
Unless your code is just horribly inefficient, you could essentially plug-n-play Forum_account's pixel movement library.
lol, well i'll bare it in mind. thanks Calus Corps
My Sidescroller library provides a lot of things you've done, but uses pixel movement so it'd be a lot smoother and easier to play. If you try to use it and run into any problems, just post on my forum, I try to check it at least once per day.
Brettpenzer wrote:
lol EmpirezTeam it's not that easy trust me!

Hell; If you want to do include pixel movement and want something even more basic than Forum_Account's pixel movement, use BYOND's built in pixel movement.

It's not as difficult as it seems.