Time for a ST! Annual update! I've started moving the game into its intentional end state, polishing the game up a bit more and will be laying out a system for continued support and update for the game in future:

Bug Fixes:

* Fix: You could use medication without even having any, resulting in a negative number also.
* Fix: After playing a Survival game, going back to standard wouldn't set the right barracade graphics.
* Fix: Minor issue, it was possible to get 'game over' more than once during a session, fixed.
* Fix: Brain Zombies could get trapped on the menu row by accident.
* Fix: Minor fix, Welder Zombie attack animation wouldn't repeat.
* Fix: Fixed a bug where Camo Zombie kills wern't recorded.


* Change: Region/Year now on same hud, subs will have to select "list" if they want their extra options.
* Change: Graphics changes to weapons.
* Change: Zombies only hit one random, rather than both/all three barracades in front of them. This obviously means the game can drag out a bit longer.
* Change: It now assumes that the players are competent enough to actually point flamethrowers at Zombies to the point that they set on fire even if not damaged.
* Change: Slight variance in Zombie walking makes sure it looks more natural, rather than 'move-as-one' as before.
* Change: Survival Mode barracades now have damage icons.
* Change: Kills from traps are now recognised at the end of game as a seperate category. Before, only melee kills were listed outside of the 'general' kill total.
* Change: In a BREAKTHROUGH loss (barracade destroyed) some Zombies should go after players through the barracade.
* Change: You are more likely to scavenge a weapon of your timeframe, and less likely to not find a weapon not even in your region.
- This makes sense to me :p region rarity was calculated after the weapon, as opposed to only weapons in that year and region. This gives more advantage to the player, although it is still largely random.
* Change: Camo Zombies more likely to give scrap or ammo, and ammo is more.
* Change: Zombie guts have more varience in its colour, if you really want it to stick around and colour your screen.
* Change: Zombification for all regions slightly slower.
* Change: Living people are less likely to attack each other for food or die of starvation, leading to larger pools of Zombies and humanity surviving longer.
* Change: Ability to find ammo and scrap for all regions slightly higher. Also more likely to find metal than fuel in scrap searching.
* Change: Initial outbreak in all regions used to be 10 Zombies on day 1, now its randomised between 10-50.

New/Changed Parts:

* Legs
- Chaps, New Cowboy legs.
- Blue Jeans, Changed from a blank one colour to a design.
- Olive Trousers, Changed slightly.

New Features:

* New: Zombies cannot move region if they just ate.
* New: You can now be zombiefied by getting in front of a Zombie. When all players are Zombiefied the game ends.
* New: New sounds; taking medication.
* New: New graphics; headshot, headshot death.
* New: You can now see what other players are scavenging, helpful if you think players are picking weapons all the time and not group activities, have fun in-fighting.
* New: You can now select what race your character is, on the world map screen. Note that changing region pre-game will change all players options.
* New: In addition to Zombie Guts, Zombie Blood just doesn't seem to clean off so well... I wonder where Zombies like to die the most?
* New: View the World Map during a game to have a coloured map of % Zombification for each region.
* New: 2 New modern era year to play: 1975 and 2011.
- 2010 is still there and will remain, 2011 figures as follows: (total: 6,934m, 80m)
- Africa: 949m (-1m)
- Americas: 935m (+11m)
- Asia: 835m (+7m)
- China: 1,374 (+0m)
- Europe: 740 (-1m)
- India: 1,612 (+50m)
- Middle East: 489m (+14m)
* New: View the Local Map during a game to see hordes of Zombies that would have normally already started to attack your hideout slowly crawl towards your base.
- This reduces the level of difficulty in regions such as India straight away and in general later on by delaying unbearable odds for later. In later versions, the local map will allow you to influence more than just your base.


* Change: If you are running a game from 200,000 BC or earlier, you are automatically placed on Africa region, mainly for gameplay.
* New: Body parts:
- 1 New head part (Earmuffs)
* New: Body parts that do stuff:
- Earmuffs drown out Zombie noises, because the hordes are annoying.
* New: New graphics for Zombies in Subscriber gameyear options (ie, anything below year 0).

Future updates of ST!

Survive This has a one-time fee for extra features. I'm increasing this with every version but it has never hit off like Wargames has. I usually update ST! only once in October, but you can change this if you subscribe. For each subscriber, I'll update the game for seasonal features and items, as well as doing general updates earlier than once a year. Please consider supporting if you like the game, you'll benefit it twofold by it.
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