"BlockWorld to get better with age!" - Brett Penzer

Hello, so now in BlockWorld i've added a timer posted by (Cubanbling) each level you will have 30 seconds to complete no matter how hard or easy!, starting level will have 60 seconds for new comers.

Players will have 3 lives to complete all 50+ levels when you reach 0 lives your be reset to level 1. I plan to put in some scoreboard and medals for people that like to compete against each other.

-Halloween Event-
The players icon will be a BlockHead with a Pumpkin suit on and there will be a little trick or treat tomorrow

*Showing Pumpkin Icon & Keyblock Holding*

*Using Keyblock*

You posted this three times, sir.
In my opinion, there should be a hardcore mode and a free-play mode. The former will have all the restrictions you listed while the latter will have no time limit, unlimited deaths, and your scores will not be reported nor can you get a medal.
You've made this post 3 times today.
huh.? i posted it once.?
You should add in a way to gain some extra lives at some points.