"A bunch of Blocks will make a game!" - Brett Penzer

Hello, just want to say a special thanks to everyone that has took notice in my BlockWorld project and that i've worked around what you wanted! so to start off...

I've added Forum_Account's Pixel Movement that everyone was screaming for me to push into the project, yes. no more! chunky movement but there are some bugs. If you run into any bugs please comment!

I also took on board a few comments and feedback from Calus Corps & Great Fisher. you should also check out there projects!
Great Fisher: Another Day At School Game

Calus Corps: Fortress Build

*BlockWorld Startmenu!*

Big thanks for Forum_Account's Pixel Movement!
Thanks to BYOND Community!

Great update!

I am currently playing freeplay mode and have yet to find any bugs. Also, the player movement is perfect.

I am not sure if this is intended, but when you're on the treadmill, it doesn't move you smoothly.

Atleast in freeplay mode, when you die with the key in your hand, it does not respawn.
some functions still use the old movement, like the upblock(will now allow you to jump higher)..

i'll take a look at it
Lol thanks for the mention, this game looks great. BTW couldn't you use a better project than Arena Game lol.
i've changed it to Another Day At School Game.

gonna post another update for BlockWorld in a minute fixing treadmill for Forum_Account Pixel Movement & Keyblock Respawn
haha thanks dood.
Hi there I seem to have found a bug lol.
Screenshot: GreatFisher-0023/blockybug.png .
What is actually happening here is I'm floating, I can't land or jump just go sideways.

It occurred when i fell from the top white platform after switching worlds then, to save myself from starting again, I switched worlds back to white and ended up stuck floating a millimeter above the first white platform of that level lol.

Hope this helps you fix this minor issue.