Not Feasible
Applies to:Website
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
There should be a single person in charge of both the basic game submissions, and the featured games submissions.

Not only are there a very small amount of games submitted to these systems, which should be more than easy enough for a single person to manage, but majority of the people you have running these things can't seem to make a competent decision, even when they poll their collective intelligence. Even if these people weren't fail at their job, it would still yield better results having a single, supreme authority in charge of the systems. A single person should be more apt at spotting rips, and should make more consistent listing decisions in general. It would also be nice if these reviewers actually followed the publicly established listing guidelines... Teka seemed to be doing a decent job of reviewing these games on his own, I'm not sure why so many more people have recently been added to the crew.

The featured games system could probably just be completely removed, considering there are barely-if-any games now, nor is it likely that there ever will be any games that actually deserve being on that list. And submitting games to it doesn't even seem to be an intentional part of the site.

Also, there seems to be a bug in the system. If you mark 2 games as visible, then mark the first one as not visible, both of them will be removed from the pending list. Toggling the visibility of the 2nd game doesn't seem to re-add it to the submissions list. This is a bit difficult to test, since it seems to take several minutes for the list to register submission changes.
Putting a single person on all this will never work because if that person is ever unavailable or decides to stop doing it, we're screwed.

As for the glitch you mentioned, I'm betting the caching is entirely responsible. Two games will always act completely independently of each other. That's not to say there's no chance there is a bug of any kind, but the listings are based mainly on that one flag. If you do find a way to reproduce the issue though, please submit a bug report.
Lummox JR wrote:
Putting a single person on all this will never work because if that person is ever unavailable or decides to stop doing it, we're screwed.
It currently takes several days to get a game reviewed/listed, when there are barely even any games being submitted. A single person who was actually dedicated to reviewing these games could probably offer faster results than the entire team that you currently have handling it.

If the reviewer becomes unavailable for an extended period of time, or just decides to quit, then you can just appoint somebody new? You currently have multiple people working with the system, and seem to be randomly adding new reviewers anyway, so I'm not sure how this is even an issue...