Hello everyone. I have updated the hosting service.

Not good at making long posts, so I wont make one. If you want to see what changes there is, go to the website and look at them lol.

Xen and Windows Servers have been added.

Also, when you contact us from the hosting section, we will get an email, so make sure you put a correct email for us to respond to, as that's what we will reply to even if it's wrong.
Teka i need a server i already give many request on your so pls contect me via byond
My name is Liam, not Teka... And I know you have, you've spammed us with server orders, but not payed for any of them lol.

Send the correct payment to and we'll get your server up at runinng.
yo teka i have a question you know about naruto evolution and all the rips there are. what if one of the the people that host a rip (talking about adlofs and Levitiz) is hosting it on crazahs hub with out permission. i can easily do the same change my hub on the source and put his hub but i dont wana get banned. Im just asking what would happen if you do? heres a link to the hub make it quicker for you to check it out because those people dont even have permission.
Again, this is Liam, not Teka...
Also, LOVZ01 (Formally known as Mars Server) is now $4.50, not $4.00. This is due to paypal fees. Turns out including the fee I was paying for pay of the server lol.
Only can take paypal, sorry.
Someone without Paypal in this day and age?, If you have a credit card, You can easily set up a Paypal account, it wont take long.
Why teka not coming online????
This used to be amazing for others until it went down, such a shame :(. However, when it gets back up again (if it does) I will be sure to buy one and you have made many happy customers :)