Arena Game

I Am now hosting arena game 24/7. Link in the Supported games box.
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Naruto Eternity

Naruto Eternity has been updated; The updates include:
  • 2 Villages
  • Forsaken Games implamened
  • Bug Fixes
  • P-Wipe
  • The New Travel System(Tree Jump System)

Thats all on NE.
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Reply Bot

Ive been working on a game/system called the Reply Bot. This system will eventually work much like Clever Bot does however it will include savable logs in either HTML or .txt format. As of now its only in the beta stages without the log. How many of you would like me to show what i currently have made, or would you like me to wait untill its more complete?
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-Thats all for now, D-Cire
What happened to the school thing?
Im giving it until the weekend cause i wont be very active during the week.
fucken idiot scam artist. if my boy don't get his money, im releasing your crap. then imma do a hell of a lot more shit. we going ham!
Pay Hulio, or suffer.
First off, fact that i paid him, have the payment receipt, and paypal said he claimed the money makes me laugh that you act like i scammed him. if you want ill even post the receipt in a blog.

-As for the idiot saying he will "Release my crap and do alot of more shit", your, to put blantly, and idiot.
D-Cire wrote:
your, to put blantly, and idiot.

i lol'd

Pay Hulio.
I just noticed something like this always happens to someone who tries to continue someone elses project.
I think you should pay up, you're going to ruin your name if you don't.

So, scamming people(Hulio-G) now ?
Lol i believe Hulio cause ur a fuckin rude ass troll jester