Forum_account wrote:
I've thought about making a HUD library but I'm not sure what it'd contain. HUDs are specific to each game so it seems like something each game developer will have to write themselves. Screen objects can be annoying to deal with but I'm not sure what features I'd add to them or how I'd make them easier to use. I'll have to think about it some more.

An example of what I'm presently doing for my HUD lib:
- Parent and Child element interaction

- Movable and static windows and panes

- Scrollable bars with flexibility to apply to most elements

- Text display, which can be scrollable or not
Can be expanded to become a text input

- Grid display, like the .dmf grids. Can display a table of variable length and width with objects and/or strings.
Can be scrollable or not.

- Image display. For displaying individual objects and providing hooks for mouse interaction with the object.

The idea is to simply instantiate a bunch of HUD element objects and set parents to have an on screen interface that has similar functionality to .dmf.
There are countless examples of BYOND games that could use a non-.dmf interface.
I see how some of that would be useful but it sounds very annoying to make. I'll let you handle it =)

I'd probably make something a little lower level and smaller in scope. It'd be a more convenient way to create and manage screen objects. The library wouldn't do a lot of useful things for you, it'd just make it easier for you to make useful things.
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
There's actually already a pretty good article on how to implement fuzzy logic into AI on BYOND.

I'm presently working on a library for flexible HUD systems (through images or client.screen) for my current project. I'm seeking to reproduce almost all .dmf functionality with this library. I may or may not release it; I'm fairly conservative when it comes to releasing my libraries. Maybe Forum_Account should make one :)

I think there was an article a while back on vector math and implementing vector math in a physics system. I believe it featured this vectors library, but it was from a long time ago so I don't remember the specifics.

Thanks for the links =D. I once read the fuzzy logic article, but it was about 5 years ago and it went over my head.
If you finish the library would you allow me to use it in the future even if its not a public release? I don't see myself taking advantage of the BYOND Flash client until it has full .dmf interface compatability. A library replicating much of .dmf in a HUD system would allow me to continue a game I'm working on that is designed around casual players and would do best embedded into a site.

Forum_account wrote:
Thanks for the ideas!
... Writing ideas down is just a way to organize them and while I've written articles about how to organize code, writing about how to organize ideas seems silly.

No problem =D.
Actually organizing my ideas is the biggest problem I have when trying to start a new project or working on an old one. I end up trying to keep it all in my head which makes it difficult to keep up with what I need to work on next.
Another suggestion I'd really like to see, best way to handle Cutscenes single and multiplayer.
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