"So lately, I've been wondering will be there to take my place" - The Calling

Hello, haven't posted a blog in a while(5 days) :(.
so.. lets get back in touch with BlockWorld! :)

BlockWorld will now feature power ups!. clicking a power up it will activate it, So far i've added Fast Motion & Slow Motion

Fast Motion - Will Make the players walking speed and fall speed double

Slow Motion - Players walking speed and fall speed and Objects will be slowed down

I've also added a Retry button [!] to the Power up selection, only in hardcore mode this feature will cost 1 life

*Showing Powerups*

Also added BlackHead & BlueBlock

*Showing New Skins*

File Size has been increased due to (PCS & other content)
I command you include a skin that leaves behind a rainbow trail that fades off.