Hi, I'm Zete - you may remember me from such projects such as "Naruto X", "Pokemon Z" and "Wreckquiem"...

I'm here today to talk about reviving an old idea, but atm I am short of programmers, so I'll have to fish around until I see someone good enough. The projects still Pokemon themed, but the gameplay is sidescrolling oriented...

So if you're interested to hear more about it and apply for leading programmer add me on Msn;

- Zete / Crow
I can tell you, you're not going to get many replies if you leave the reply section to your followers only. Loved Pokemon Z so I'm hoping this works out as well. Also, your avatar '_' twewy is my favorite game. +1
That looks pretty darn brilliant. I'd love to see an original project from you seeing as how you're one of the few anime developers that know how to make good games.
Why don't you finish your current projects, they look cool.
Im interested. Hit me up on

I can't add you because I am using my iPhone
Nope, I was interested first. I already added him.

Just in case, add me at
Zete reminds me of Oasis. They both start amazing projects and almost never finish them .__.
Position was filled out guys, thanks for all the interest!

I'd like to point out that a game is never finished, and I did at least have Pokemon Z get to a good point in developement - which isn't dead, just on hiatus for now.

As for NX - blame the fact that the lack of additional pixel artists prolonged the project to the point where I lost any actual interest in the manga.
Oh those pokemon icons are from Spriters Resources lol
Yea, try pixeling 600+ Pokemons 128x128 in size all yourself :) I've done plenty of Pokemon games and the Pokemons are never sprited, they're ripped.
off topic~ so is Z dead o.o it was pretty good.. and noone said anything on forum so am asking here o.o
I did mention that PZ was still being updated on the forums, although this will be the last update for a long time (due to not finding time and Ken being busy with robotics) at least it should be up 24/7 indefinetly soon.