So, I have 8 days remaining on my membership. I'm not asking you to renew it, because I can afford it. I'm just wondering if I'll have the time to login to BYOND over the next few months to make the $18 worth spending.

I've been busy lately as some of you know. I'm currently deployed to Iraq, and I rarely find time to login to BYOND due to the limited availability of internet here. We're doing our last bit of tearing down the posts here. I should be back stateside in less than two weeks.

In other news, my wife gave birth yesterday to our newest son. Alex is 9 pounds 10 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long. He appears to be perfectly healthy, and my wife is recovering nicely.

I've lost a bit of interest in programming lately. The more attempts I make at programming, the more I notice my bad habits and terrible tendencies. If I am to continue to program, I need to work on those tendencies and really revamp my programming style. I can do core systems pretty well, but the little minute things really kick my butt. I am not very well versed in interfaces (despite how easy most people say they are) and suck horribly at them. Motivation seems to be at a stand-still unless Boxcar can revamp it with a little project he and I were discussing prior to my hiatus.

No, the Simple Developments Guild isn't dead. We'll be working on a bit of a grand reopening here in the near future. It seems there have been quite a few decent games released since my last visit, and I have some catching up to do.

LordAndrew is doing a great job as a listings moderator. His help has relieved some of the guilt I felt for having to leave. Thanks LA. :D

Well, got some questions or comments?
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First thing..Congratz with your son!
Congratulations =)
Congrats :)
Grats. (:
Thanks, and congratulations on your son Yusuke. :D
Aww, congrats Yusuke ^_^.
Congrats and come home safe.
Congratulations Jake.
Teka123 wrote:
Congratulations Jake.

I was just talking about you. Glad to see you are alive. :D
Congrats. :D
Congrats bro
Congrats Yusuke, praying for ya!
Grats, Bat!