Poll: What is your screen resolution when playing on BYOND?

Less than 800x600 0% (0)
800x600 5% (2)
1024x768 44% (16)
More than 1024x768 50% (18)

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So the two week round is due to end sometime tomorrow night. I'll be updating too then, as well as hosting a shorter round. There is some big changes coming about, and I'll probably record a video to explain them. If that goes well, I'll probably use a full blown video tutorial voiced by yours truly on how to play the game*.

Until then, I need to know if there is anyone around still using less than 1024 width in their resolution. I'm asking this because I've tried my best to just about support 800x600 (not even very well) but it might be time to just say I'll drop it entirely. Admittedly, I've mostly been stuck with 1024x768 until my most recent laptop, which is widescreen 1600x900, but of course I can easily forget that others don't when developing games.

I'd like to attempt a way of supporting 800x600 again in the next update with a custom interface perhaps if there is anyone still using it, and perhaps specific layouts for various other resolutions.

* Hey, it can't be any worse than when I did my podcast, right? :p
1980x1080. (:
1366x768 - laptop
i think you should make a stargate game
Then how would I make any money? :p