DoC is coming online again, since no one seemed to want to host it lol, had to hack my router, it got switched to default factory settings somehow but I fixed it and anxious to see everyone again.
Most routers have a set to factory settings button on them, no hacking being done by pressing it.
It was stuck on the factory setting, and I couldn't change it because people decided to change the default username and password, so I just hacked into it thanks for you comment though.
how did you hack it? what techniques did you employ?
You'd be surprized how easy it is to hack your own router, specially if you know all its information except the username and password, if you want to be technical I didnt hack it, as in hack hack.
Why do you people even care? You aren't associated with me in anyway, nor play the games I host so why are you even on my site commenting my blogs lol?
Then why are you calling it hacking? Just by knowning how to access the configuration doesn't mean you are "hacking" it in any way.
Because I did, why do you care? Have you nothing better to do with your life than question people you don't know, or have anything to do with? Rhetorical question.