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Okay so ive been wanting to get seriously involved in a project for a while now, and everytime i do and things start to go well i run into art issues. Either my artist loses motivation and bails, or i find out they have been ripping art the whole time. Basically, are their any artists/game teams(Original games please, im happy working on a fan game now and then for fun, but its not what im looking to put my time into.) that are looking for someone to team up with/join said team on a game? I could honestly care less what kind of game it is as of this moment as long as its not fan-based. Thats about it, leave a comment, page me, or add me on Skype at

Thanks for your time
D-Cire wrote:
Either my artist loses motivation and bails

When I read it the first time I thought it said balls.
@ET; Indeed, awesome isnt it<3

@TS; Lmao.
No msn?
msn is, sorry i forgot to add that, but i think i have you on msn already gensho.
tittycake. That's all I need to know, I'll learn pixel art then contact you.
I don't see your contact anywhere on my list.
Avainer<3 xD

Gensho, i have you added, anyway re-add me then.