It's good to be back in the regular swing of things. Now, I just gotta try and pick back up where I left off.

Game Listings

This part is probably the easiest. LordAndrew as well as all of the other moderators that have been lending a hand in my absence have everything well in hand. Almost to the extent to where my assistance isn't needed at all. :)

Great job, guys! I felt a bit guilty for having to go away for a couple of months.

Feature game reviewing

This is probably my favorite hat to wear. I love the idea of your games becoming featured! One day, I too hope to have created a game worthy of this title. Until then, you guys keep up the great work with your productions and don't forget to submit them for featured status!

On that note, remember:

1. To submit a game for featured status, you have to go here and follow the instructions.
2. You don't have to be the author of the game to submit it. You can submit a game you enjoy playing.
3. Featured games get a lot of extra advertisement from BYOND. It's a great way to show what the engine can do as well as what you and your team can do. Get out there and get your games featured!

Simple Developments Guild

Ah yes, my favorite brainchild. I can see from the blog posts that many games have been created that suit the guidelines of the Guild. Here soon, I'm going to go through them and attempt to contact their authors and production teams, asking permission to list them under the Guild.

Contests will be coming back soon. I still have a few things to do in my personal life. A lot of you are aware that my wife and I had another baby last week. He's doing great, eating well and growing fast! My wife is recovering nicely, too. Thanks for all of the wishes from everyone!

My next contest with the Guild will probably be something to do with the games already listed within the Guild. Who knows? We may even hold a production contest simultaneously with a contest helping to advertise the games already listed.

Well, it appears I am going to be a bit busy around the community in the next couple of weeks. I need your help! Get out there and help us locate games worthy of featured status as well as competing in the SD Guild's contests. The contests always have a cash prize! ;)

Thanks for reading.
I finished the Narto ;).
Welcome back and i'm glad you'll be holding some contests.
Welcome back Yusuke.
Welcome back Yusuke
Welcome back mate!
Hurray, he's back. I was going to say something else, but I just thought of a future contest idea: "Update Things". Anyone with a game listed in the guild can enter, all games entering the contest are played before the contest, once the contest begins, all developers update their game as much as they want, and are judged at the end based on various criteria.
I had an idea for a contest, was just waiting for you to come back to start one.
Thanks for all of the warm welcoming.

It appears we need a section in the SD Guild forums for contest ideas.

Also, I rather liked that idea, Megablaze.
Welcome back Soldier...
Well I dont want to copy everyone else and say welcome back so...Back welcome? xD, anywho I have a question ask yusuke and congratz on your son. (I just realized your old... :p)
I'm only 25 :(
lol 25... older than me bro lol
I'd say I am older than almost 90% of byond, which is a shame. I've been here, on and off, since I was 15, playing dbz rips in '01.
Yusuke13 wrote:
I'd say I am older than almost 90% of byond, which is a shame. I've been here, on and off, since I was 15, playing dbz rips in '01.

don't worry, this is pretty much your home now... you can stay on here as long as you like...