A2J2TIWARI had made a post about free art earlier this week. I decided to take up his offer and I'd like to open it up to everyone:

I'd like to get some better art work for my libraries, primarily the Pixel Movement and Sidescroller ones. I like the plain graphics used in the demos but they don't really inspire people to make games (just one person so far). These libraries come with many demos. Ideally I'd like to get a new set of icons for each demo.

1. This is a good opportunity for a pixel artist to get their work seen.

2. The artist will clearly be given credit. The icon file you provide will be called "yourname.dmi" and each demo it's used in will clearly state who created the graphics and link to your BYOND account page.

3. The graphics will be freely available for people to use, so only contribute if you're fine with that.

4. The graphics shouldn't be too complex, they should only replace the current set of icons used by the demos. They don't have to replace the icons state for state, but I'd like to just have: one or two wall icons, one background turf icon, and one mob icon.

5. I won't require a particular theme but I'm not going to put anime-themed icons in every demo. I'd like these icons to provide a variety of options and ideas to the people using the library.

6. Any questions or comments about this offer can be posted here, on this blog post, or on my forum.

I just posted an update to the Keyboard and HUD Groups libraries. Here are the changes:

Keyboard Version 2
  • Added the datum/click() proc which can be used to handle click events. It is passed two arguments: the object that was clicked on and the client that did the clicking.
  • Made the client/Click() proc call the click() proc for the object that client.focus refers to (by defaut, the client).
  • Added the NO_KEY_REPEAT and NO_CLICK flags which can be used to disable parts of the library. If you don't need to handle key repeat events in your game, you can put #define NO_KEY_REPEAT to disable the macros for these events. Keep in mind that with this flag defined, BYOND's default key repeat macros still exist (which call client/East(), etc.).
  • Changed the order of events in the library's client/New() proc so that focus is set (to the client) before ..() is called (which triggers Login() to be called). This means that if you set client.focus inside mob/Login(), client/New() won't revert focus back to the client.
  • Added support for some additional keys: backspace, delete, maybe some other ones too.

HUD Groups Version 5
  • Added the HudInput control to the interface-demo. This is an on-screen textbox that players can type in. The demo was updated to include one on screen text box whose value is output when you click the "ok" button. This demo now requires the Forum_account.Keyboard library which can be found here:
if u did not notice i uploaded more and i must know if they are good enought for the libs to be used so i wont waist time making them. if some one else makes them better.
Yep, I saw those. They're definitely good enough to use.

I'd be fine using what you've already made. If you'd like to work on them more, just let me know when you're done. I figure it'll be a week or two before I update the library to include user-made art, so I'm not in a huge hurry.
Have you thought about using free art resources for your libraries?
Writing A New One wrote:
Have you thought about using free art resources for your libraries?

I'd rather have some new art generated just for this. People can already use whatever free art is out there. I'd like for these graphics to not just be convenient, but to inspire people too.
Im up for doing this.just contect me through the pager and we can talk
DarknesOchido wrote:

That looks nice! Do you have a .dmi file for those icons? The download links you posted on my forum aren't working anymore.
sure and pls add my key cause we cant talk since i dont have a membership anymore.
Without a membership you can still post here and on my forum. Those are the best ways to reach me, I'm hardly ever on the pager.