I will NOT sit idly by and let this weekend pass without doing anything productive on my games. So, I declare WAR on you!

Here's the battle plan!

1. Fix Sea Battles grid output
2a. Add a "Help" button to Sea Battles.
2b (or not 2b...). Experiment with browser skin elements in making help files.
3. Make sure I remembered to fix that bug in Law of the Board with game over
4. Release a downloadable version of Sea Battles
(Really, the skin is the ugliest thing about it)

And now I just tried to use ctrl + k to save this post instead of just pressing post. Dear god.

Consider yourself dead in the water, procrastination.

(Anyone who wants to help Law of the Board just click the name and join the server please! Hosting it more often is also a way to help!)
Lugia vs. procrastination!

Get 'em!
Yusuke13 wrote:
Lugia vs. procrastination!

Get 'em!

Victory is mine.