So,for those of you who follow Pirates Online,this is a post to show what we've been doing and testing in our Closed Server. This post is also to attract more players. We are doing our best to make Pirates Online leave the Anime category ,being more unique and different than what it was supposed to be :One Piece. Our main goal was to make the game's interface clean and simple to use: A Drag and Drop Inventory/Equipment System: The Devil Fruit concept was changed completely:instead of eating fruits and getting special skills,we changed this system completely and created a new method of getting skills: Enchanting. There are 3 items required in order to enchant your weapons and get skills, a diamond,a special rock and a fruit. There are many Diamonds 3 Rocks(Sea Rock,Mountain Rock,Volcano Rock of course there are many copies of them) and 1 fruit(which is easy to find but useless without the other objects) Enchanting is easy to use but dangerous; the players have no idea about the possible combinations.They need to find Ancient Statues that give you hints on what items to use in order to Enchant: A few more cool features are in but i don't think i need to explain them: Fishing and Jumping: If you got any Suggestions,feel free to comment!
Thank you.
Enzuigiri wrote:
But it is anime and uses ripped icons soooo. o__o

When you'll explain what icons are ripped i'll stop deleting your comments.If its Breeze,than i'll just tell you leave BYOND, learn what free ressources mean, and... don't come back.
Oh i just noticed what you meant Lige.
The sprites arent ripped;they're free resources.
Sounds like some pretty cool features. Im impressed how far the game has come.
The numbers are from a Naruto sprite right? Otherwise, keep it up!
Its difficult to find the time to code and icon, so yes there are some icons that we got from free resources.
Congratulations on transitioning to an original game, a creation you can be proud of.
Thank you for all the positive comments.
It's always fun to keep developing when people around support you.
I actualy like it. Makes it more of a quest to gain a Will Fruit. Bravo! :D
Very good.

I suggest trying for a large base map. Maybe 350 x 350. With lots of little side/mini quest on various islands and such.
Great. It looks like the games, going to be more fun. It's good to see it all come together nicely. :D
I didn't know GOA icons were free resources. And deleting my comments only work if you don't quote them lol.
Ignorance is you're worst ennemy.
The "GOA icons" that i think you're talking about are from a library released by Masterdan himself, called:
"Anime Game Demo".

So please instead of posting on my blog and sound extremely stupid(+ being a bad troll) ,make a game or learn to program.
Damn Enz, he just ripped on you. You gonna take dat from him, bro? YOU GONNA JUST ROLL OVER AND ACCEPT DEFEAT?
lol,you're on everyone's blog xD.
Narakzi wrote:
Furthermore, pirate ship being ripped? this goes way back, I am the one who edited their pirate ship then made one from scratch although we aren't showing our pirate ship on this screenshot nor are we using the one i iconned. The source just enjoys to bad mouth our proudction because of rumbles we got into them. They seem to enjoy spending time attacking at our game. Somehow we became from friends into rival and then enemies without kidpaddles or my approval.

YES Mr.Take my Pirate ship because I wouldn't code for you. I know the story behind the pirate ship. And have you ever heard of an edit button? Learn how to use it please. As far as GOA icons go. Few screens on the hub that were removed used GOA guis and im pretty sure the hairs are ripped as well ofc I could be wrong on that one.
Dude, honestly, shut the hell up. You don't know squat of what you're talking about. Fail troller much?
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