Expect to be able to get a free copy between 12 December at 11.00 GMT and Wednesday 14 December at 10.59 GMT according to (I still like to call it Good Old Games). This is a nice opportunity to get the game for free before the offer expires. :P

While I'm aware of Empire Earth II (yes, I played that one too in demo form); at least ya can enjoy the original for those who do not possess it at this time.

I will provide the link to GOG right here for those who have not heard of it: (Yes, a great website for obtaining old games legally with no DRM)
I do quite like GOG.
Same here. And adding a comment to let ya know that Empire Earth: Gold Edition is now for free until December 14th. For those who want to play it, make sure to grab it and keep forever before December 14th. :D