Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
A Naruto sidescroller game where the fun is guaranteed! Come take a step in and enjoy the battling!

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* Eternal Memories *
Creator, Game Programmer, Game SFX, HUB Designer.

NEM is a Naruto® game where the fun is guaranteed. Enjoy fighting in a massive Team versus Team sidescroller environment, feel the battle deep inside as you beat the enemy village.

The game's basis is to defeat the entire enemy team to win a round. Every round the game's server will Auto-Reboot for a new round to take place in.

Genuine player controls that makes it easy to perform a Jutsu. Good and stunning graphics that will make you want more and more from us.

Come take a step in!

Game Features:

  • A huge Character-base to select from.
  • Awesome graphics that will keep you in.
  • Forget about training a character, just fight!
  • This game has been programmed in order to be safe!
  • A balanced gameplay that will ensure your enjoyment.
  • Updates do occur weekly or even daily and yet small updates!

  • Disclaimer: We're not affiliated with TOEI Animation® nor Naruto®.
    All the Anime/Manga ideas as well as Character-names, sprites and so on are property of their respective owners (Mashashi Kishimoto).

    This is a fangame and no profits are earned from it.
    Copyright © 2015 Eternal Productions. All rights reserved.

The game is very smooth. Not much bugs. Updates frequently (How do you do that? Updating multiple times/day..)

Nice graphics: good moves, good pixels and so on. The graphics don't increase the lag(!) and that's nice.

Doesn't get boring quickly.

I recommend you get online.. now.
This game is amazing, the characters are balanced, and you can have much fun :) !
A really good game . Not just beaocuse Im gm but beasoue you made it blanced and this game > Mo mo :D
by far one of the best naruto games ive seen so far. great gameplay, nice system and enjoyable servers that you can even make yourself, and also constant updates of characters.
This game is gonna be The Very Best Like none ever was! :D
Great game, all the things Invotis said were totally true. :)
Fun game they update really often with great characters like minato,konan,sasori and more
Really Good Naruto Side Scroller The Best Yet.
ImmeasurableHate wrote:
Really Good Naruto Side Scroller The Best Yet.

The only one yet.

Epoxi wrote:
ImmeasurableHate wrote:
Really Good Naruto Side Scroller The Best Yet.

The only one yet.

theres been others.

Good job Eternal, updating alot and making the game even more funner :D Hope to see the game go further and further c:
Good Game XD

still updating and its fun =p
Excellent game :D
I loves it and it's very fun ^w^
Best naruto game i ahs played....No lie! :D
Thank you guys for the comments!

I'll be working hard updating my game (:
good game
ye this game is fun, and eternal in constantly working hard to make it better and better, i hope it succeeds in the future.
Haha... Dillweed.
Please put up screen shots I'd love to see how this game looks
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