I'm really sorry for all the things going on today. I didn't expect there would be so many bugs in this update, I'll try to fix it really soon & bring up the Main Server.
i really like this game but what i really want is killer bee on the game
Eternal, after u add shikamaru , i lost my chars again :< .
can u give me back yodaime and Danzou and hidan :O
Theres a bug where your chars are missing but they are unlocked after few rounds of playing, idk why, maybe cause global list isn't loading fast enough or something else so just be patient guys. Shikamaru's move is spammed too fast, takes half chakra and hits quite much. He's normal attacks are too fast and might cause enemies unable to attack due to damage taken very fast. And his strenght is high so basically it's deadly and his homing might damage allies when theyre very close to him, not sure if its ment to be that way so its up to Eternal. He isn't finished yet as Eternal_Memories said so he will probably be more balanced (for those who think he's OP). ~TeenGogeta.
I'll answer some questions:

Q) Why did I lose my "unlocked" characters?
A) You DON'T lose them, I haven't ever removed any person from the list, some servers have issues checking the web which has the list of players. But as I said, only some servers have that problem, the Main Server has that problem somehow now, it's not a bug related to the Game.

Q) Why do I have these characters locked?
A) If the players manage to get in the server before the Server hasn't even checked the "verified players list", it can't change the image the "characters" display to those verified players, you can press them and use play as them, though.

Q) Why doesn't Shikamaru have Shadow Jutsu / etc etc...
A) I added him very quickly before, I had my computer off so I couldn't do any change on Shikamaru, I'll try to add one or two jutsus more to him, and nerf Explosive Kunais.

By the way, Shikamaru isn't faster than others at meele attack, his icon states are faster, but this doesn't mean he's faster at normal attack.
Hmm thats a bit weird, I've hit enemy like 10 times when he did only 3 as shikamaru and the strenght is high. I was fighting with juugo even though he did his move I won lol but to the unlocked chars that are locked, I had it about 4 times and it got fixed after like 2 rounds or even 1. I think it's like you've said, that when you join while a match is still going on, they arent unlocked for your screen because the reboot updates everything while you might join the game when a round is half the way.
if you still intend on updating then: you can jump while dead as long as you keep jumping as fast when you die, boulder mode, when you lose all energy you can't jump to houses height and your boulder doesn't regen chakra hp or energy, shikamaru explosives somehow made karin a tiny bit underground when she died in tunnels and got sent to spawn, tho she got hit by about 4 jutsus at once + explosive kunais so it might be the combo. Good luck on making the new game Eternal.
THIS game is awesome im gonna tell my friends on facebook and tell them about this game. keep doing a good job
heres a problem that i cant seem to fix when i disconnect to the server i have to download the resources over again and it takes more then half an hour and it bothers me that i cant play and im sitting there looking at a download wasting 1 hour of my life and its annoying
rly..I love this game,it's perfect
i hope this game keep rising, its cool and vry fun game that u dont get bored after 10 mins, u can spend your time playing and practicing your best chat thats preatty good game good job guyz
you every even me commented this game as a hostes game on byond to us
Awesome Game! I will totally share with friends!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is amazing i must admit that i'm still quite new to byond after not playing for 4 years but this games interface is simple and smooth i like the locking system and i love the character choices thanks for the great game may it never be deleted that would make me extremely sad
how can i unlock chars i really want orochimaru and itachi :C
Eternal I'm Sharing the game to Multi popular based on naruto
site Expect more people coming. I want you to accomplished atleast 60 people playing the game Cuz this most Awesome naruto game on the internet
This is a really fun addictive game to play.. hands down one of Byond's greatest games this side scroller is a definite recommendation to others. This game is nice its always getting updated and will soon be at the top of the list of Naruto/Multiplayer games.
Eternal Memories,I found a bug on a v3.50 Server,I play as Kakashi and when I got killed my body was gone.Is that a bug?When I observe myself it just show the place where I died but my body is just gone.
In response to Pupukung2007
Pupukung2007 wrote:
Eternal Memories,I found a bug on a v3.50 Server,I play as Kakashi and when I got killed my body was gone.Is that a bug?When I observe myself it just show the place where I died but my body is just gone.

Please, go to the 'Bug Report' section and open a new Issue Ticket for this to be tracked. This is not the topic to report bugs.

You must explain how did this occur so we are able to reproduce the bug.
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