This is game is Awesome. So far its one of the best i've seen, better than moo moo honestly. Love it.. Keep it up :D
Nice game, good variety of characters and skills
I love this game, love the fact that there is no training and you jump straight into the action. So it helps to keep the game fair i play this everyday i'll make sure share it with everyone. :D
Just play it cool I is not long but the game will come out great
Nice game and good graphics!!!
You really should not advertise other games with All Caps it makes me want to run away from it instead going towards it. Work on that you will get better.
Loving the gameplay, kind of dislike how easy it is to camp with char's like Gaara and Pain, but there's ways around it. will be looking forward to new char's being added. Killer Bee!
It's a pretty interesting game. I like how it's purely PvP, and how you just jump straight into the action after selecting a character. I'm enjoying the game a lot.
One of the best games on byond! Completely unique, and I can tell you guys are dedicated to this game!
I loved the great game congratulate you guys for this game, I really spent much time looking for a naruto game for BYOND more when I saw this I stopped looking and I apaichonei the game, play every day almost all the time.
Very good and congratulation that the game has many fans, and again congratulate the good work great graphics, interesting characters and jutsus very interactive and all congratulations and all good. = D
I Love This Game Beacuse its a diferent game of others

Version 3.50
Date added: Dec 6 2011
Last updated: Today
666 fans [+]

This is the devils game!!!
So i just wanted to say that i have been playing this game for about 1 week now and honestly it is the best naruto game i have played. Everything is so well coded and the team based play is amazing! Eternal keep up the good work with this game cuz it could go big!
This is the Best Naruto game: Original and good
The only problem is the little lag.
Thanks ADMIN for reading this :)
Gotta love the game :D I have so much fun playing it lol, Fav is naruto of course but second up i'm a healer :P just wondering though how you unlock the Kages 4th...the Senju and 3rd? I heard you had to fav which i have...hit the + thing on the hub..did ..And now what? D; i don't know. Would appreciate the help if someone helped me out though
Cool game
i think your game is very good but is in need of tunning for things like: map size, we need to have actual stats and also make sasuke armataratsu cs go away, if you want auto curse mark just make a button plox
I hope version 4 comes out soon with lots of tweaks and decreased lag. A reliable server would be great, too.
A really great game. The number of characters in it is AMAZING, the jutsus are very nicely done and iconned. I'd say, if you're looking for a fast paced game, this is one [if not] the best game for that.
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