Great game perfect graphics, and got a wide range of character i like the addition of village vs sound 5
Good game .One of the best and unique games of Naruto.THis is good because it has lots of jutsus and lots of characters.
Nice and great game,but will there be a "nine tails chakra mode" Naruto?
By the way thanks....
Allow me in this game, i love it alot and want to get the ppl plus eternal i am one of your old gms.
I loved the great game congratulate you guys for this game, I really spent much time looking for a naruto game for BYOND more when I saw this I stopped looking and I apaichonei the game, play every day almost all the time.
Very good and congratulation that the game has many fans, and again congratulate the good work great graphics, interesting characters and jutsus very interactive and all congratulations and all good
I think the Game is cool Makes me Play it More often.Can a Admin Read this? i want to unlock the characters 0.0
The game is very cool! I want to unlock the locked characters, but the game is too much cool. Don't have one naruto game better.
Hi good game you have here lots of characters and lots of jutsus.Out of 10 i rate it 9.1/10 because it's a unique game.
dangit everyone keeps hosting servers i cant enter its so dumb!!!!!!!
this game is great for your diversity and availability very same show
Hey great update and all but there just one small problem about the patch when i join the game it say '' The server couldn't retrieve your statics'' so i couldn't see any of the tab's . hope you can fix this and i'm not the only that experiencing this problem.
I rate this 9.6/10 because of the new lagless servers,but when there are new people playing.There is no show status that shows your jutsus and stats.And Enternal why does my characters get locked than unlocked and than locked again 0-0.
Hope you read this
I love this game, this is my favorite. if you had a note, I would 9.5/10 because it is a very good game but there are spammers and lag issues but to leave it, this is the best game seminar I have played;).
sorry is : I've played not seminar :(
can i get an unlockable character
Unlockable Characters are now attained by surviving a round in the winner team.
The number of survive points needed may vary from a character to another.
Why is the game offline?????????????????????
So just like everyone else is saying..i love this game alot but i am wondering why it is down like all the time....i check everyday and everyday it says there are 2 servers up but i cant connect to either of them! =(! really depressing please let me no why this game isnt up nemore and when it will be thank you!
Very Nice game. Very Balanced unlike some other shitty naruto games. There should be more servers because usually there is only one on and it causes massive lag. Except that it's ok
I believe the reason of the crashes is simple -> Shikamaru.

I perma disabled it on my server, it crashed too, though, I don't know if any Admin / President used Shikamaru through Characters Tab, I hope this problem gets fixed soon, because the crashes are destroying this game :S
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