I have just turned in my last assignment of the semester (Dark Matter vs. MOND) so I am officially free to spend my free time the way I want to playing skyrim programming! So here's a list of things I plan am going to do with my two weeks from school.

1. Figure out how to make the grids update and whatnot with names and blah without relying on the client (which has been causing errors in LotB and Sea Battles).

2. Get Sea Battles to at least full "release" status. (That means it has to play the way I want it to play. it also has to look the way I want it to look. I got a SSCBlaze to do some of the graphics, and they look pretty nice. I just need to get the final update from him and we'll be solid. Also, I suck at taking one large image and chopping it into pieces for the skin. ANYWAY)

3. Work with Slice and hopefully get a ton done on Castles.

For those who don't know, Castles is an RTS where you have mines and your enemy has miners. Protect your miners and kill their miners, while strategically taking over a map. Each player may play as a specific unit. Upgrade your available units, and destroy your opponent's castle.

4. Commence work on Pokemon TCG. I had a pretty good run of it going before my hard-drive died, so I want to get back to that. Yay fangames.

5. Perhaps plot out a new game, if I get the ideas.

My goals for the two weeks seem hefty, but hopefully I'll at least get something done.