Hulio G has been working on the sprite animations for me, and I think the results speak for themselves. Behold! I give you man walking!

This is not a comment on the icon, but the way you unveiled it makes me think of someone exhibiting early motion pictures.
Is this a work in progress?

I'm not the best when it comes to providing constructive criticism for art, but the sprite moves like a robot. Also, it seems like the head and body doesn't fit together. Both appear to be using different perspectives.
It could use some touching up around the legs.
Its penis is too small
Now make it moon walk.
Sorry, Yusuke, but the sprites are to be wang free.

The stiffness is likely from my limit of 4 frames.It's not alot of room to work with.

AlexandraErin: Odd, because I posted it wearing a top hat and cape.;-)
...I wasn't aware the website was configured to accept posts from people without a top hat and cape.
Did Hulio-G really make this?
I ask this because I'm used to better quality from him, not saying it is bad but it is defintly in it's WIP-stages, especially the legs.
Well, in fairness, he does say "has been working on".
Yes, he did. He was working off my isometric base from my previous blog post.
I agree with Pandora'sSecret, Seems like early stages WIP as the appendages change sizes quite often most noticeably; the left leg.once these are sorted out it'd transition a lot smoother. THProductions-0001/walkcyc2.gif

An example of a 8 directional base I made a few months back. with diagonal walk cycle included.that may be of some assistance.

Its an 8 frame walk cycle.
Do you post on Pixel Joint?
No i have an account but i just lurk around the forums and gallery lol.