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Has just been all busy. No I haven't been taking a break from BYOND, I'm still here, helping out, working on my new CSS(as you can see :D Thanks Teka), and my creations ;)

NarutoVS; Currently focusing on the game core(Especially combat) systems right now. Skills/combo's are almost perfected and everything is almost at hand!(See what I did there, Bravo?). Also if you wish to participate in the Private testing for NVS, give me a page or comment on the post!

Dirge Of Chaos; Going pretty well! Decided to host the old but fun DoC till Howe finishes up with the programming. What I see from the hub images, he's going pretty well! I with the other hand have to finish more of the Art for it(Doing the best I can Howe!)

Others; Naruto TNW, Graphics Guild and all the other things I'm affiliated with are going good but can be better. Work, work, work. Can this get any better? :)

Man what a short post! I need more things to blabbermouth about the next time I post.

Speaking of post, truly sorry I haven't kept you guys updated in awhile, been focusing on lots(like I stated before). From now on I will try my best to keep my page as interesting as I can ;) Thanks to all who took time reading this!
Love the new CSS and keep up the great work!
Goodluck '
Ss4gogeta0 wrote:

Not at all. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi :p
Well, just figured Id tell you congratulations. You've come a long way since we first met, and are advancing your techniques as a programmer, and a GFXer as well. ^^
@Yuki; Thanks bro! Can't say the same about your graphics skill, all I can say is that they surely surpassed me! ;)
Lol well it wasn't too fair cuz all I did was GFX while you were doing pixel art, programming, and Graphics Art. Haha you remember our plan! :p
Masterralphy55 wrote:
Ss4gogeta0 wrote:

Not at all. Just wanted to stop by and say Hi :p

that was way more than just a hi. lol

Lovin the CSS.