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Teridal is back on track and many new things are on their way!

Currently in development is a complete remake of all user interfaces of the game and major user interface graphics improvements.

Below is a screenshot of how things look so far. Keep in mind this is a preview from an unfinished update and things are just that, unfinished.

All of the Windows-based interfaces are being removed from the game (and there are a lot of them... Teridal's skin is over half a meg on its own) and replaced with screen objects. Because of this, user interfaces can be much nicer looking, perform better, and provide better functionality to the players. You might notice the nice glowy-outlined text that couldn't be done with the Windows-based interfaces. There are also things you can't see in the screenshot such as mouse over effects.

The screen is being shrunk and will be a set size for every player, which many current players wont like, but this will allow for the game to function properly in a Flash client and also help improve performance.

Some other things that will hopefully be included in the update is the 14th class, Warden. As well as the first three fully scripted and story driven scale-able dungeons. What this means is, every dungeon will be instanced and scale to the amount of players in the party and to the level/gear of said players. And of course give rewards based on those things. More information about this will be provided in the near future.

Stay tuned for more information as this large update progresses!
as long as there is no class progression i refuse to play it
Shweet. Just don't rename it again. lol