Open Testing continues!

First! I would like to thank you ALL of you who have helped us test so far, The bugs you find and report help us to improve the game so much faster. Please continue doing what your doing.

I have been indisposed but i was able to throw this update together on my free time away from work and school..I should be back to daily updates Thursday., Ships are to make an appearance on Rise of the pirates. Though a lot of their customization content will be left for later updates. Well lets get to it.

Current ship features

Deck editing
This option will open a menu for you with deck editing options,(furniture and other objects have been left out for a later update,)

Once this menu is open things get pretty simple.

Drag your mouse along the tiles to select them, Click individually tiles to be precise.

Then click on the tile you want it to become,in your ship editing menu

Go Crazy!

Though there is a lot room for improvement with this system, I chose to implement it and learn what I can do better from your reports and opinions.
Ah, The combat I was able to build in a short time.. I hope to improve It In ways even I'm not sure of yet! {Here is where i welcome your opinion}

When you buy the ship you are given 2 default cannons, You will be able to buy more later as the game progresses into an official release.{Date still unknown}
You are able to interact with these cannons! Controls are explained In game.

Interaction with the cannon will give you a birds eye view of the ship. Your cannon will shoot only in its direction. So if the giant sea monster..GIANT SEA MONSTERS! yes, If the giant sea monster is to your left, You may want to use the cannon that shoots in that direction Which also depends on your ship's current location and angle.

Don't forget to yell at your navigator, if a quick escape is needed!

Smaller updates within the game are posted on the forums. Don't forget to join.

Don't worry, The larger cooler ship is not just a prop. Were saving that one for the official release.

you have been keeping up with me and that's rare, I am glad to have you as a partner in this project. Thank you.
Now THIS is a pirate game :)
Awesome stuff
sxc update as usual!
Really kool ! i really like the how you can design the inside of the ship ^^ nice black
Looks great Pride, "proud" of you. Can't wait to test the mechanics :)
That's smexy, nuff said.
nice black looks like its gonna be even more fun now
Awesome, Can't Wait!
shit pro
you mean all this time and you JUST added piracy to your pirate game?

*slow clap*

EDIT: i don't think sailing a ship couns as piracy. never mind. should still be called rise of the penises
That looks fucking silly in all the right ways.
SuperAntx wrote:
That looks fucking silly in all the right ways.

That octopus/squid/tentacle thing looks poorly made but aside from that everythign looks good. Hope you guys get a new base because the current is awkward.

And I mean the green one not the purple one.
Why is the mast at a different scale?
Jaggy mast, sir!
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