Heya folks. I'm just putting the word out there. Extreme Combat Siblings (ECS in short) has been around for over a year, and has seen little-to-no publicity in that time. I've been working on it and adding updates every so often, yet it's not getting any sort of attraction. ZeroVirus provided a 24/7 shell server for it mid-November, and it's been up since. I'm going to be in progress of adding more updates, finish off the character roster, and see how it does over time. I'd like to see the increase in player numbers rise eventually and have it played consistently. Only time will tell.

In short: go check it out, give it a try, leave a comment, and let me know your opinion.
Join the club. Although I didn't leave my action game up for nearly as long as you did, I didn't get much interest from people either. I'm sure though if you add in some Narutos and Vegetas the players would start pouring in. =/
Yeah, no kidding. I don't understand what it is with most players, but they aren't interested in anything unless there's Dragon Ball or Naruto references. I'm not going to steep into that situation, though.
Alright, so, I just logged into your game and the first thing I thought was "Why in the hell wasn't I aware of this games existence?"

I wanted to play, but there was nobody else online :(
Yeah, unfortunately there's nobody on usually, even though it's constantly online. Just keep an eye out for activity, and that's when the time comes to play it.
I will most certainly do that. Fan+
It looks interesting, but I'm personally shy about logging into an action game if there isn't a way to try it out for myself first. I'll check it out by and by, though.
I left you a comment on the game itself, but having checked it out I have to say that this game would just be way more successful if you put out a version that had the "server-y" stuff... i.e., make a downloadable version where people don't have to unlock everything and they can just throw it up and play with their friends or whatever. Add at least enough AI to have a training mode so people can try out characters and moves by themselves. Making it a centrally hosted game with a single server (and making players go through the name tag/character unlocking rigmarole when they log in) is going to keep this game from gaining any traction.