Pyrce High

by MasterBraska
Pyrce High
A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?
Seems same as Mitadake high why was this made?
Ok I went through the comments no net speak can some one explaine this? I say wtf in Rl all the time.
Nolp, this is an updated version of Mitadake High with admins and mods who are actually active. It has more modes available for us to play (Normal, Suspect, Witch, Zombie, Zombie Invasion, Death Note Classic, Death Note/"Shinigami" mode€and probably a couple more on the way), which allows more variety compared to Mitadake's three modes (Normal, Death Note, and Nanaya, and Nanaya isn't usually used for role-playing). The staff even takes our suggestions into consideration. None of this could happen on Mitadake, which was essentially abandoned by DevourerOfSouls.

Right now, the biggest downside is that everyone seems to be trying to stay together on the same server, so there's generally one server open at a time. And when that one server goes down, there's also a chance that no one else there can actually host. Also, there are bugs, but as you experienced they can be pretty fun. :)

As for the no netspeak thing, it generally refers to when someone uses it while typing normal dialogue lines, such as "Hey are u okay?" or something along those lines. That discussion rises up in watcher from time to time. It's mostly up to the host about regulating how netspeak can be used. At least one permits it, but only if you spell out the letters ("double-yew-tee-eff" or "el-oh-el").
I'm getting told that the zip is forbidden.
The bandwidth limit was breached, wait till the first for more downloads. Until then you can download it from the forums.
Well my server is up now if you guys want to join.
Sherwood can you bring your server back up,its not working.
It's not a rip,it's meant to be an updated version of mitadake high.
This does not fit into the definition of "rip". That being said, Devourer of Souls has stated himself on HIS forum that he doesn't particularly mind. Please, keep this in mind before you post insults and complaints. Thank you!
I liked pretending I was the witch of Emotion and was watching the games with Beato! And talking to her portrait in the Anime Room, pretending to be talking to her! I love this more then Mitadake!<33
Join my pyrce high server, Fun RP, and strict rules to stop RK/Ra and oher nonserious RPers

Samsone700 wrote:
Join my pyrce high server, Fun RP, and strict rules to stop RK/Ra and oher nonserious RPers


...What? If you want people to join your server, then host it and wait. Advertising that: "No RK/RA'ing happens here!" is a complete lie. You can't be on 24/7 to stop people who may RK/RA from playing your server. Try convincing people with better 'marketing' techniques.

Oh, and hai zane! (@Cyberlord84)
Such a great game that regularly gets updated :P
Ice banned me for just saying i don't care to his story now THATS abuseing powers
someone tell him to unbanned me he's being a little cry baby because i didn't care about his MH story...
someone unban me from nii-nii's server frosty banned me for no reason -.-
Toddler Girl1 wrote:
someone unban me from nii-nii's server frosty banned me for no reason -.-
I'm pretty sure you don't need to repeat yourself, appeal your ban on the forums, that's why they're there.
Toddler, I banned you for repeatedly telling me to "shut the fuck up" when I was having a conversation with friends. It was rude and disrespectful, and you had already ignored my previous warnings about being rude.
Everything below is a spam.
Hey,I've been asking on the games and nobodies been answering me,what's secret mode?
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