Pyrce High

by MasterBraska
Pyrce High
A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?
Secret mode is a random mode and nobody knows what mode is it.
That is why it is secret :P
One of the most common questions from new players is "What's new?" So I compiled a list!

-New Sprites of your favorite characters! What's more, when finished, every hair color will have three sprites to rotate between. So far girls have the most new sprites, but the rest are getting there~
-Various new modes. (I have guides to most of them on my profile!)
-You can now write the cause of death in the Death Note.
-Ramiel is removed, meaning you won't have to worry about a round suddenly being ruined.
-There's a new default map to explore, though some servers choose to use the MH map (there's a download link on the forums).
-With active admins and GMs, the game has more supervision AND more possibilities! Sometimes they even put watchers into the game or change the sprites around.
-There still many bugs (especially in Zombie), but it is still really fun!
-The Attack Delay is now also a Hoard Delay, meaning people can't rush items like before. However, if this is on during zombie mode, YOU ARE DOOMED. PERIOD. Seriously, by the time the delay's over more than half of you will probably be zombies. >_>
-Most of the players are dedicated RPers, but that doesn't necessarily mean there's any less killing... ;D
gosh some of you people are noobs you can't tell the difference between metagameing even if its in parrenthesses -_-
ok some idiot named KiaKichi banned me for correcting her and i'm thinking what the heck? really just for correcting someone?
Download this 2.0instead of the hub version for now.
lol Yandere banned me for no reason.
What is the reason.And i think me and murk were the only ones playing witch mode.
Yandere is a noob!!!!!!!!!
Bann's with no reason!!
Someone banned me::::II dont know why but here what was written:

Banned by host:
Access denied.

What mistake have I made?
Can you unbann please.
Soooo i got banned today ikr took long enough somebody told me to go to forum but nah to lazy just a way that the Man gets you to sign up for there shit so you can speak your mind nah il do it here. First things first i got banned for rk but i didnt know it counts i dont have a buyable reason to not be banned but i never did anything b4 to get banned on a first account i mean some minor spelling mistakes but that is part of life. Second yeah i know its your job.........well not job since it comes with no real life benefits but a duty like when kids at school gotta clean up (guess im the trash). Well if i do get unbanned cool if not i have no clue why. Last is did anyone see that blake griffin dunk it was badass i mean he was like 4 ft above the rim i was like o m g *shot*
In response to Keshawn.
Oooooooooooookay. There's a reason we get people to post unban requests on the forum, and that's to keep this place uncluttered. And if we were 'the man' we wouldn't actually care about your complaint, would we? It's not like we get paid when you sign up for the forum or anything, so I think you're being a little unfairly standoffish. Take some deep breaths, then sign up and post a calmer unban request on the forum and I'm sure you can get yourself unbanned. Just try and be reasonable. =3
your just a kind of late xD i want one of those ending things so. ~Kesh~
i think the idea of a zombie game type is awsome. but its reely not working right now. the zombies can just move aside baracades in seconds. i think the zombie game mechanics need to be changed and if it is it could make a reely good game type.

i think zombies shouldent be able to move obvects and rather than that there should be a game mechanic that makes it so zombies slowly break through objects that are used to baracade doors. this could make a reely good game type
I've got to say this is the best horror game out yet. I used to play a game just like this but this is WAY better.
"The pink haired girl rips open her jacket and says 'Someone set us up the bomb.'"
"The pink haired girl brings a knife to their throat and kills themselves!"

Oh, by the way, I tend to make some RP's non-serious.
Wow, I signed up for BYOND yesterday just to try this out, and, I'm already addicted! First time I played, it was witch mode and I was a brown-hair boy named Goro. I teamed up with a guy wearing Goggles nicknamed Goha. He was a bit of a team leader and I had my character act like a shy coward. In the end, Goha ended up teaming up with the Wizard, Goro lost faith in everything and ran around the school scared out of his mind.

I've had other experiences too in my one night of playing, but yeah, expect to see lots of me, this game rocks. :3
Found out about this game from a player at the SS13 Facepunch Server. I loved it as soon as I played. It's a good feeling to get away from the chaos and into some actual RP. The roleplay is grand and I will definitely be playing this game a lot more.
Hi. I would like to report abusive banning on Yandere’s server. Yandere banned me because she believed I had lied to her when in fact I had not lied. Any attempt at trying to clear this up has been met with hostility whether it was on the pager or having a friend try and talk on my behalf. So far I was banned twice on this server. The first time, someone convinced Yandere to lift the ban but the second time Yandere refused to lift the ban and also caused problems when a friend tried to find out why I was banned. Can something be done about this type of abuse please? At least allow me to play the server without worry about being banned like this. I will attach some pictures me and a friend have taken to show some of the unfairness of the server. Thank you.

Images: Me being banned the first time Me getting banned a second time for no reason mid-round (Someone was able to convince the hoster for a moment to unban me) My friend getting resistance trying to find out what is wrong(This is while I am banned a second time) My friend seeing that someone received a warning which I had not received(This is while I am banned a second time)
"A school, a murder and a killer, can you survive the round?"

Sounds interesting! :3
In response to Neko.
I'm afraid I don't fully know what happened with all of this grief, BUT... I did ask your friend to tell you several times to post on the forums if you believed you had been done an injustice. Here's a link: Complaints go under "Suggestions" and Unban Requests... Well, that's obvious.
yut approves of this game.
How dare you call yourself Amelia Pond.
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